Jimmy has showed up for Death Panel Duty, a requisite for citizens in this eerily hysterical glimpse into a skewed future America.

Kim Flowers, the author of “No Turning Back,” has created an interesting parody of conservative paranoia in the surreal, conspiratorial tale, “Death Panel.” It is at once so over-the-top it’s hysterical, but also frighteningly indicative of the real-life beliefs of the fringe right-wing types like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and Phyllis Schlafly. It is that truth that renders the story so disturbing. Yes, there are people out there that actually believe this kind of Tin Hat absurdity, people that confuse liberal philosophy with right-wing fascism, conservatives that fail to see the despotism in their ideology or the inherent hypocrisy and chauvinism of it. And the fact that they generally misunderstand their political counterparts is utterly lost to them.

Flowers captures the desperate and delusional fears of the fringe right very well, so well in fact that followers of Beck, Jones, and Schlafly would most likely fail to see the story for the parody it is and instead latch onto it as a cautionary manifesto forewarning an evil liberally-dominated future. Like the ideologues it mocks, “Death Panel” is none-too-subtle but it is ominously acute, competently written, and a must-read for fans of political satire.

“Death Panel” is offered FREE on the publisher’s website. Be sure to check out Kim Flowers’ debut novel “No Turning Back” and other publications from JMS Books.