Beyond the skeleton of a long unkempt garden there is a foreboding old house, abandoned and left to rot in the encroaching elements. Jen and Wilbur meet on the weathered porch and dare to venture inside, sneaking through the ruined home as sounds seep down from someplace upstairs. What will they discover? What will they do? Read “Spook Patrol” and find out!

Written by Helen Ayim, the author of “Guardian Spirits,” “Fairy Night,” and “Fortune’s Edge,” this is a fast, breezy, and lighthearted story I had a blast reading. It’s cute. It’s well-written. Anyone can enjoy it. It’s family friendly without being soggy or overtly silly. The telltale sign that you loved a story is when it’s over you want more. “Spook Patrol” ended too soon for me and I definitely wanted more. This story is just plain fun. I hope Ayim revisits Jen and Wilbur and we’re treated to even more of their adventures.

“Spook Patrol” is offered for FREE on the publisher’s website, be sure to check out Helen Ayim’s other stories: “Guardian Spirits,” “Fairy Night,” and “Fortune’s Edge” also from JMS Books.

“Spook Patrol” by Helen Ayim